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International Transport

Air, sea and land freight


Because your different needs require different solutions, ART offers a multimodal international transport service by air, sea and road.


Our experience, as well as our in-depth knowledge of our long-standing partners, guarantee you satisfaction in the follow-up and completion of your projects.


We find for you the most suitable solutions to meet your requirements, including during emergencies. We can guarantee the arrival of your shipment safely and on time, whether it consists of heavy goods, dangerous goods or oversized cargo.

  1. Provider

  2. Routing

  3. Storage - Bundling - Loading

  4. Sea or air transport

  5. Unloading - Unbundling - Storage

  6. Delivery

  7. Customer

A global presence​


Located in Port-Gentil and Libreville (Gabon), ART is also operates internationally.


We have offices in Houston (United States) and Pointe-Noire (Congo), while our global partners are located in more than 130 countries around the world.


Where you can find our main hubs :

  • Le Havre

  • Antwerp

  • Roissy

  • Dubai

  • Singapore

  • Houston


Thanks to our wide network, you have the possibility to plan your shipments with precision, whatever the chosen mode and the destination. For urgent deliveries, our international transport service also includes flexible speed options tailored to your needs.


Flow management in CEMAC zone

You want to import or export your goods within the CEMAC zone? ART international transport service facilitates your operations in Gabon and elsewhere, thanks to our proven expertise in this area of Central Africa:


  • Knowledge of the environment by country

  • Knowledge of the regulatory specificities of each country

  • Homogeneous organization of the area

  • Facilitated transfers in the area through innovative solutions

  • Adaptation to your specific needs thanks to a flexibility of actions

  • Consolidation of CEMAC data on our e-Transit solution


Entrust us with your project. We will take care of the regulation, the organization upstream and downstream, the tariffing or the clearance, so that you don't have to worry.

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