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Why choose ART?

01. A certified comany

We do not just take care of chartering your goods. We are concerned above all with your satisfaction and we want to provide the best transport services. That's why we have been ISO 9001: 2008 certified since 2014 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified since 2017.

These certifications ensure that our charter-related products and services meet regulatory requirements and that we strive for continuous improvement. In addition, they testify to our global approach (internal and external), in order to respond positively to your expectations.

02. An overall expertise 

If you are looking for a complete freight charter service, ART is able to meet your most specific needs. We master the entire supply chain: from the supplier to the final customer, and the routing, grouping, storage or unloading, .

With 27 plus years of experience, our team is also trained in customs procedures, which allows us to offer you air, sea and road freight free from administrative difficulties.

03. Speed and responsiveness

All ART customers can access our customized ERP, Elyse Web. Developed and put online in 2013, you can follow on there in real time all your shipments, before, during and after the charter of your goods.

This personalized tracking system guarantees you security at all times thanks to the KPIs. Moreover, it allows us to quickly prepare the most appropriate actions depending on the status of your package.

04. A global presence

Action Rapide Transit has been offering air, sea and road freight services since 1993. Our offices in Gabon, Congo and the United States are part of our best assets in taking care of your international charter needs.


We have also developed (and continue to do so) reliable partnerships with suppliers around the world that share our values of efficiency.

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