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Real Time Tracking


Dare transparency

Because our customers deserve a real transparency and a service of irreproachable quality, we have developed our own tracking software, Elyse Web.

Accessible to all Rapid Transit Transit customers, Elyse Web is a portal on which you have secure access and varying levels of access depending on your function.

It allows us to follow in real time the status of your shipments, and to plan the right actions in a timely manner.

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Supply Chain

  • Access the status of each shipment, as well as international and local data

  • Access the tracking tables sorted by criteria: schemes, dates, suppliers, department, etc., and download the data in Excel

  • Receive personalized feedback on each of your expeditions

  • Freely download the legal documents related to your file



  • Access the planned and actual dates of supplier availability

  • Follow the physical real time position of your parcels

  • Check the estimated delivery date and updates for the latter

  • Look directly at the supplier documents online



  • Keep track of all your ART bills and bundles, and download them when needed

  • View billing summaries by time period

  • Access the summary of disbursements and benefits listed by period and by type (ideal for management control)

Follow the steps of customs clearance with our tracking system

We know that customs clearance is a crucial moment in your logistics organization. That's why we have developed a management software package internally that allows us to closely follow each step of the procedure.


Thanks to the continuous tracking of shipments of your goods, we are able to very quickly plan the necessary operations according to the emergencies that we encounter.


Transparency and security have always been at the heart of our concerns, so we have integrated to Elyse Web, an option of electronic archiving, an indispensable tool in case of customs disputes.

Découvrir Elyse Web
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