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Project Management & Consulting

Transit operations consist of a set of -sometimes- complex steps, which require excellent organization, great knowledge of interlocutors, as well as the various procedures. With the support of ART, you can rest assured by entrusting us with the planning of you international shipments of goods.

Project management with ART


Action Rapide Transit manage your projects for you :


  • We find the best solutions that meet both your most demanding needs and your financial envelope

  • We coordinate actions and actors that come into play in the realization of your project (completion of formalities, watch over the regulations in force, search for service providers and subcontractors, customs clearance, unloading, storage and management of entries and exits of stocks, etc.)

  • We give you a clear and simplified vision on all your concerns

  • We manage risks related to transport, logistics or customs, and act quickly thanks to internal resources

  • Train your team in the latest tools or procedures

Transit cell organization at customer sites: ERP implementation, training, coordination

Preparation of upstream projects with local governments

Search for offices, yards, staff and adapted solutions

Personalized advice and follow-up


At ART, we are aware that the success of a project depends first and foremost on a good understanding of the issues and means. As a result, our team does not just execute project management.


We are also willing to guide you and provide you with the best advice that will ensure the smooth running of your expeditions.


Each project that you entrust to us is carefully analyzed by our transit experts to advise you the most effective and the most adapted solutions to your specific case.

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